Performance Kit BERGMEISTER 150mm
  • Performance Kit BERGMEISTER 150mm

    this Set Up Kit includes: 

    - 4 pcs. Bergmeister AT Wheels, complete (pre-assembled)   

    - Drive Gear Set

    - Drive Gear Bearings (pre-installed)

    - High Performance Ceramic Ball-Bearings

    - Timing Belt Set

    - Instructions / User Manual



    HAGGY offers with the Bergmeister All Terrain Wheels an excellent set in a 6-inch version. With these rubbers, very high cornering speeds can be ridden - if they are warmed up nicely, you literally stick to the asphalt. We like to use this wheel set on the racetrack because of the felt endless grip level. The smaller wheel diameter reduces unbalance - the result in connection with the extremely torsion-resistant aluminum rim is absolute smooth running.  Its full potential is exploited on asphalt or a solid road surface.


    But the Bergmeister Kit lives up to its name as an all-terrain wheel kit even on moistened Roads and loose or uneven surfaces. A real all-rounder that always carries you everywhere.