Performance Kit O-Tang 85mm
  • Performance Kit O-Tang 85mm

    this STREET Performance Kit includes: 

    - Orangatang Caguama Wheel Set 

    - Transmission Set (Drive Wheel Gears, Motor Pulleys & Timing Belts) 

    - Drive Gear Bearings (pre-installed)

    - BONES® SUPER SWISS 6 Bearings 

    - Instructions / User Manual


    The original Caguama Wheels from the legendary brand Orangatang (third party) have a diameter of 85mm, are super soft...almost sticky. Simply perfect for eBoard sport at an advanced level. We appreciated the versatile transmission options. Awesome for higher speeds - ideal for street racing. If you want to be on the move at higher speeds on a regular basis, you will fall in love with this set up. But this premium wheel also works as an "everyday wheel" with incomparable properties in terms of grip & cushioning. You simply roll over everything and at the same time you feel comfortable and securely connected to the ground. 


    Performance Gearing Components are made of CNC-milled aluminium - except from the steel motor pulleys of the Stage III Kit. 

    Stock gears are produced by injection molding as standard and are extremely resistant.

    Thanks to the precise press-fit design, all of our Gear Kits are very easy to mount and offer a perfectly clean freewheel belting.


    STOCK eco mode/race Mode   38/49 Km/h                                   

    PERFORMANCE KIT, STAGE I     56 Km/h     

    PERFORMANCE KIT, STAGE II    62 Km/h    



    Important to know:

    A performance kit will consume more power from your board battery - so the effective range per charge will decrease accordingly and you have to keep an eye on your motor temperatures. In general, the performance kits are exclusively for racing purposes - but of course we offer it in the options range.