Performance Kit FLAME 200mm

Performance Kit FLAME 200mm

this ATB Performance Kit includes:

- 4 pcs. FLAME Cryptic Wheels, complete, pre-assembled

- Tire Set FLAME Hillkiller Tires 8" or PRIMO Striker 9", assembled

- Tube Set, assembled 

- Precision Bearing Adapters Set, pre-installed 

- Drive Gears Set- Drive Gear Bearings, pre-installed

- BONES® SWISS Ceramic Bearings

- Timing Belt Set

- Instructions / User Manual


Flame Cryptic doesn't just make your board lighter. On the motorized axle, the lower mass of the wheel has a positive effect on your ride every time you accelerate or brake! 

Actually this rim comes from our mountainboard project which we will be presenting in the 2020 season and forms the basis of our premium off-road set-up. Flame Cryptic Rims are made in a lightweight design (it is really ultralight) and at the same time offers excellent stability & durability. Despite the low weight, no deformations are to be expected even after higher mileage under tough conditions. Thanks Flame.


PRE-ORDER ONLY! (expected in May 2020)


Important to know:

the performance kits need more power from your board - so the effective range per charge will decrease accordingly and you have to keep an eye on your motor temperatures. In general, the performance kits are exclusively for racing purposes - of course we offer it in the options range.