Modular Travel Battery with built-in SmartBMS 

Each Module is in the limit of 99Wh & each one has a SmartBMS for itself - that allows you to take your board comfortably in the plane, without sacrificing a realy good eBoard battery. You can take as many of them as you want, or let’s say as many as fit into your board. With these little modules you get through everywhere - no problem!


via bluetooth you set your board electronics on the travel battery mode. Your Ride is prepared in few steps for the operation with the travel battery.


When you landed you put the modules in the battery case and connect the individual modules together - you already have a decent battery with a reasonable range. 


SIZE S    = 10-15Km

SIZE M   = 20-30Km

SIZE L    = 30-40Km

SIIZE XL = 40-50Km


The output power will be slightly reduced because the system now runs at 36V instead of our regular battery at 48V. That should not play a role in relation to the fact that you can take the board around the globe always and everywhere with you. the performance is still there.


if you want more you have to ship the board - or you will receive a battery from us at the airport of your destination destination. contact us if you want to make use of this service.