• WHEEL SET - AHMYO 76mm

    The purebred Racing Wheel Set from AHMYO (third party).

    for eBoards, these wheels are only to be used on race tracks. Due to the small wheel diameter, we have almost no ground clearance - if you don't pay attention, you risk grinding marks or damage to the deck and / or the drive.


    On the racetrack, this set can be a very interesting alternative. The smaller wheel diameter improves acceleration and the top speed decreases - but this can be set with the appropriate gear ratios. So there are actually completely new opportunities for racing. As a purebred downhill wheel, Ahmyo Akasha’s can be a success at asphalt races. Especially riders with experience in gravity longboarding will be happy to use this set on the street race ... provided the race track allows it - because with the Ahmyo Wheels your board will be really ultra low.


    Ø 76 mm / 57mm CP / 79A / in-set

    compatible with all "Kegel Core" Transmission Components

    • Incudes:

      1 Wheel Set (4 Wheels)